Just a quick hello! Sun is shining today, so this day has to be awesome. Love Lina



Photos via Rad Hourani

RAD by Rad Hourani´s newest collection is perfection in black and grey, if you ask me! Also checked out Hourani´s wiki page and look what it say´s "Indeed, Hourani does not consider himself to be either a designer, nor a photographer, nor an artist, nor a filmmaker, nor a writer, nor an art director, nor an architect, nor a musician. He is all of that in one, which gives him a wide scope of self expression that puts his mark on everything he is undertaking and that nurtures and pushes further his vision of a world without any boundaries be they physical, mental, or gender-based" Isn´t he genius? I mean look at these grey longsleeve with the contrasted hems, those sandals, this blazers, the shapes, material...guess I´m kind of obsessed



Hi lovelies! Today was an awesome day. Relaxed the whole day in my super cozy "track suit" (previous post) for my weekend "sofa-chillin-workouts". Last night was crazy as hell. We went with some friends to an extraordinary concert by a crew from Hamburg named HGICH.T first I wasn´t so sure about that, but it turned out to be gre-aa-t!! Had so much fun, met so many people that I havn´t seen long time. So if you ever get the change to see those crazy guys, go for it. You won´t regret! Anyways. As you can see on this pictures above I´m already preparing for spring. Got this oversized and perfect shaped shirt on sale at Mango. Back home when I tried it (for some reason I never try shirts, blouses or sweaters on before I buy it)  I realized that the material of the back is kind of silky and the front soft cotton. How cool is that? 


Ripped Long-sleeve/Forever 21
Sunnies/Ray Ban Vintage Gatsby 


Recently there were a lot of documentaries (for the german/french speakers here´s an interesting one from arte.tv), books, reports and articles about aluminum. When it comes to industry it´s one of the most widely used metals. You´ll find aluminum nearly everywhere, like bikes, cans, buildings, windows, foils, doors,  SLR´s, in paints (even the color on our food; all those colorful sweets) and beauty products. Especially when we´re talking about deodorant´s, the beauty industry uses a bunch of aluminum. So I decided to check out where to find an alu-free deodorant, and I found this one by the german company Heliotrop Naturkosmetik. It feels so soft and smells like an fresh fruitshake on a hot summer day at the beach. I mean if a deodorant can create such a feeling. What else could you ask for? 

Roundup: Even when the experts might hold differing views when it comes to aluminum. For my opinion this substance should be handled with care. Particularly when it is on/in our food or daily care product. 



Photos via pinterest and google

Ms. Spencer looks drop-dead gorgeous with half top-knot. Love how she combine it with super rocking eye make-up and chunky necklace. Hot & Simple! Also love this 'loosing-my-knot'-knot, as seen at the Olsen's. Perfect daily hairstyle, if you ask me.


Back in sunny Vienna! Already missin´ the time with B&B in Amsterdam and of course our wonderful townhouse; and the donuts; and the people there and so much more ;) Thank you guys for this awesome and hillarious trip. To be continued!