Hi lovelies! Today was an awesome day. Relaxed the whole day in my super cozy "track suit" (previous post) for my weekend "sofa-chillin-workouts". Last night was crazy as hell. We went with some friends to an extraordinary concert by a crew from Hamburg named HGICH.T first I wasn´t so sure about that, but it turned out to be gre-aa-t!! Had so much fun, met so many people that I havn´t seen long time. So if you ever get the change to see those crazy guys, go for it. You won´t regret! Anyways. As you can see on this pictures above I´m already preparing for spring. Got this oversized and perfect shaped shirt on sale at Mango. Back home when I tried it (for some reason I never try shirts, blouses or sweaters on before I buy it)  I realized that the material of the back is kind of silky and the front soft cotton. How cool is that? 

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