Let's talk about hair, recently it's all about the ponytail. Starting last season with Jason Wu's super high ponytails and Jil Sander's super low and effortless one. And 2013 - they are everywhere on the runways, streets and even in the office. No matter if low and cool, loose and sleek (love jil sander, again) or, my fav one, messy and edgy. 



Photos via tumblr and google 
Hello out there! Whising you a wonderful wednesday morning! 



Photos via google, tumblr and fgr

Whising you a wonderful weekend with some dreamy and nostalgic shots.



 Photo by me

Just a quick 'hello' before my week starts! This week I probably will have a lot of work, since I wasn't at the office for two weeks. So lets get it on! 



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Christian Wijnants is an Antwerp-based fashion designer. And I'm super crazy in love with his recent collection. Knit inspired by melting snow and magical dresses by hiking tours?! Uh yeah, that's how I like it 'fashion loves nature'.  Check out the whole collection and fall in love with this genius. And by the way he the last-year Winner of the European Woolmark Prize, so you better watch out for him. 

Portrait Viviane Sassen

Born in Brussels, Christian moved to Antwerp in 1996 to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His graduate collection won the Christine Mathijs prize for best collection from Dries Van Noten in 2000. After graduation, Christian presented his collection at the prestigious Festival d'Hyères, where it was awarded the Grand Prix and picked up by stores including Colette (Paris), Henri Bendel (New York), Pineal Eye (London), and Via Bus Stop (Tokyo). After working with Van Noten in Antwerp and Angelo Tarlazzi in Paris, Christian launched his own label in 2003. (Biography via Christian's homepage)


Photos via tumblr, google, fgr, vogue

It seems like the 'summer' has arrived Middle Europe, at least the sun is shining. And since I'm feeling so much better the last two days, I'm already starting thinking about how to get my lazy body in shape. Usually I'm a bit earlier with my bikini-body-shape-program (nothing thrilling, just more biking, more water less sweets & cakes) but not this year. I know this post is more about 'Shape. But while scrolling through my archive for some edgy & sporty shots I found this wonderful one's from several sources. Later I realized that my main reason to choose this shots was not just the sporty mood and the expression. It was the nature in the background and surrounding that gave me that kind of feeling and mood that I wanna experience every day. Because that's the "mood that make's my shape" - my body and soul shape. In 2013 I had a few moments were I was at the point that I've really considered moving to another country, like Spain or Croatia. Seriously, I was looking for some nice houses and apartments. Somewhere where the sun is shining and something called 'Spring' and 'Summer' really exists. I know it sounds like peanuts but if you ask me the sun and nature is on of the most essential things for our mood. Especially for mine. Have you ever considered moving to an foreign country? Or maybe you're already living the dream? Feel free to share your impressions. 



Sweater MNG 

I woke up this morning and felt a bit better, after lying down for 10 days with flue and terrible cough it was soo good to feel the recovery and bit of energy. And it was absolutely wonderful having seriously been in hibernation for not less than six days - I almost have pain in the ass after lying down so much! 


Marique Schimmel by Miguel Reveriego for Vogue Spain June 2013

Styling Belén Antolín 
Hair Peter Gray
Make-up Ozzy Salvatierra

Dutch beauty Mrs.Schimmel awakes our lust for summer and makes us feel like going on holiday. That's exactly what we would like to wear, where we would like to be and how we would like to feel, now. Muchas gracias señor Reveriego for capturing this estupendo apasionado summer moment of gorgeous Marique, for those who are getting depressed and sick of the awful weather in Europe. At least we can imagine how it would look like and dream for a sec, hah! 



Hi out there! It has been busy the last weeks, so linalista was pretty empty. But now, finally, we'll fill this little page with life, again. Thanks to those who've kept visiting my blog even if there was nothing new to discover and of course for your lovely words. 



Just a quick hello! Sun is shining today, so this day has to be awesome. Love Lina



Photos via Rad Hourani

RAD by Rad Hourani´s newest collection is perfection in black and grey, if you ask me! Also checked out Hourani´s wiki page and look what it say´s "Indeed, Hourani does not consider himself to be either a designer, nor a photographer, nor an artist, nor a filmmaker, nor a writer, nor an art director, nor an architect, nor a musician. He is all of that in one, which gives him a wide scope of self expression that puts his mark on everything he is undertaking and that nurtures and pushes further his vision of a world without any boundaries be they physical, mental, or gender-based" Isn´t he genius? I mean look at these grey longsleeve with the contrasted hems, those sandals, this blazers, the shapes, material...guess I´m kind of obsessed



Hi lovelies! Today was an awesome day. Relaxed the whole day in my super cozy "track suit" (previous post) for my weekend "sofa-chillin-workouts". Last night was crazy as hell. We went with some friends to an extraordinary concert by a crew from Hamburg named HGICH.T first I wasn´t so sure about that, but it turned out to be gre-aa-t!! Had so much fun, met so many people that I havn´t seen long time. So if you ever get the change to see those crazy guys, go for it. You won´t regret! Anyways. As you can see on this pictures above I´m already preparing for spring. Got this oversized and perfect shaped shirt on sale at Mango. Back home when I tried it (for some reason I never try shirts, blouses or sweaters on before I buy it)  I realized that the material of the back is kind of silky and the front soft cotton. How cool is that? 


Ripped Long-sleeve/Forever 21
Sunnies/Ray Ban Vintage Gatsby 


Recently there were a lot of documentaries (for the german/french speakers here´s an interesting one from arte.tv), books, reports and articles about aluminum. When it comes to industry it´s one of the most widely used metals. You´ll find aluminum nearly everywhere, like bikes, cans, buildings, windows, foils, doors,  SLR´s, in paints (even the color on our food; all those colorful sweets) and beauty products. Especially when we´re talking about deodorant´s, the beauty industry uses a bunch of aluminum. So I decided to check out where to find an alu-free deodorant, and I found this one by the german company Heliotrop Naturkosmetik. It feels so soft and smells like an fresh fruitshake on a hot summer day at the beach. I mean if a deodorant can create such a feeling. What else could you ask for? 

Roundup: Even when the experts might hold differing views when it comes to aluminum. For my opinion this substance should be handled with care. Particularly when it is on/in our food or daily care product. 



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Ms. Spencer looks drop-dead gorgeous with half top-knot. Love how she combine it with super rocking eye make-up and chunky necklace. Hot & Simple! Also love this 'loosing-my-knot'-knot, as seen at the Olsen's. Perfect daily hairstyle, if you ask me.


Back in sunny Vienna! Already missin´ the time with B&B in Amsterdam and of course our wonderful townhouse; and the donuts; and the people there and so much more ;) Thank you guys for this awesome and hillarious trip. To be continued! 



Good Morning out there! Since I´ve spend the whole weekend preparing, packing all my stuff and cleaning the apartment, I had no time to take a break or relax, so I´m pretty done for this monday, even it hasn´t started yet. Also got my new LED heart lights by 'knog' for my fixie. And guess what, they are USB rechargeable, so no more batteries. Lovely isn´t it?! Thank you love! 



As one might expect, all Shows at the FW Fall 2013 were full of coats, coats and more coats. Coats in every size every color and every shape. But what caught my attentions was Max Mara, with their oversized and structured alpaca and mohair coats and shearling hoodies. Worn with monochromatic fluid track pants and yes, sneakers. Hell yeah. 


Yes, Emmanuelle knows how! This french beauty styles flares, turtleneck pullover and coat, all in wonderful royal blue. 


Photos via style.com, vogue