Photos via Rad Hourani

RAD by Rad Hourani´s newest collection is perfection in black and grey, if you ask me! Also checked out Hourani´s wiki page and look what it say´s "Indeed, Hourani does not consider himself to be either a designer, nor a photographer, nor an artist, nor a filmmaker, nor a writer, nor an art director, nor an architect, nor a musician. He is all of that in one, which gives him a wide scope of self expression that puts his mark on everything he is undertaking and that nurtures and pushes further his vision of a world without any boundaries be they physical, mental, or gender-based" Isn´t he genius? I mean look at these grey longsleeve with the contrasted hems, those sandals, this blazers, the shapes, material...guess I´m kind of obsessed

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Diana said...

I don't think i would wear them but they look pretty awesome.