Wanna share this cute batik short with you, found them the other day at the "Tauschzentrale" (1060) Gorgeous soft denim with pink seams and lose fit. What do you think about batik prints? I´m so into the "batik-mood"and prefer to combine them with a simple but knitted and/or oversized sweater or shirt.  Oh yeah I adore batik with metallic-accessories got this rainbow-glitter-metall-bracelet from Anna´s sales booth at the "modebloggerflohmarkt"(a fashionblogger flea market) . Visited the "modebloggerflohmarkt" at the MQ in Vienna for the first time, and yes I liked it! Super stylish and cute fashionblogger from Austria, with a bunch of awesome clothes, shoes, nailpolishes , handmade bracelets, etc, to try and buy! Also met Stefan Urschler and Eva Zar (love her backpacks) from SKIR. At their booth you had the opportunity  to take a look at their "Galaxy Collection" and to make a pre-order. Nice huh? To get your own Galaxy-shirt or jute bag contact SKIR at galaxy@skirmag.com. Check it out, you won´t regret! 

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