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PERFECT Jon weekendbag by Nudie Jeans. Love at first sight. Check it out and fell in love too.Would be awesome for my next trip. Where? Stay tuned! Vienna disappears under a blanket of snow. It´s a real winter wonderland. Now from my office you´ve the most adorable view over 6th district and Wienerberg, if its not to fogy.



photos via google and the libertine magazine 
Kayne West & Anja Rubik and Maria Palm by Alvaro Beamud Cortes for S Moda 01/2013

MUST WEAR 2013: CAPE & BOOTS especially in black and white, with silver accessories  and undone hair like Maria Palm for S Moda. It gives black and white a fresh and new note. Good Bye! "Chic in black and white" Hello! "Airy in black and white" Cant wait until this winter is over, today in Vienna it´s so freezing cold, that I can´t even imagine to wear such an outfit at anytime. Now preparing lunch with good music and coffee. 



Photo via Stockholm Streetstyle

Good Morning lovelies! Just saw this awesomeness on Stockholm Streetstyle and felt in love. This guy is a huge inspiration. The whole look was super simple but filled with details.  Adore this camouflage bomber jacket with this hat. Wanna see more? here



First impressions of 2013. 



No words for this! Nanna´s collection (including home wear) "Living Species" is inspired by African wildlife. Sophisticated silhouettes with sober lines and tactile textiles of refined merino wool.  "Living Species reflects the beauty of various Species" This collection introduces a new textile concept for fashion design and is also a natural alternative to fur. 


 Found this awesome highwaist denim at H&M on sale ka-ching! Love the color together with this ethnic-rhombus-pattern. And of course these hot fringed boots by Forever 21 (thank you seki).  


Photos via vogue & fashion gone rouge 

When I was a little girl we´ve lived a few years in Italy, during this time my sister and I used to wear mini hoops with neon colored pacifiers :D all the time. Especially my sister loved them, not just the earrings she also was an know pacifier-thief. ;) But after I´ve started with school I thought that mini hoops were not soo cool anymore. Now, 15 years later they are back again like they were never gone and I´ve never put them down! Looking fresh and cool like never before. Like to wear my tiny silver hoop just on my left ear, bought it 3 years ago and wear it since 24/7. Also love skinny bangles perfect for warm summer days combined with palazzo pants, top and birkis which I also used to wear a loot when I was a little girl, btw. And yes! Sandals also joined my "Upward-List" for 2013. Remember THAT shot by Corinne Day for The Face with gorgeous Kate Moos back in 1990? Kate looked perfect wearing nothing else than birkis and a white blouse. 



Hello and good morning beauties! Hope everyone had a great wednesday morning. Mine is quite silent and cozy. The weather makes me really wanna stay home with my blanket, some tea and a nice movie. Anyways. Last weekend I was visiting my family in Styria, to celebrate Amina´s Birthday. And it was awesome with my ladies. More on that later. Found this hot booties on sale the other day. Did you found anything on sale that you´ve admired a long time before? Like I´ve grabbed my fluffy jacket by MNG. 



 Feels like heaven when I put this jacket on!  


Photo via net-a-porter by Nico

Since I´ve seen this lovely knit sweater by Chloé, I´m looking for a similar one. But that´s not that easy. For my opinion, if you find something like that it´s not all about "finding". The sweater needs to be in very good quality and fabric. If not it could turn out a little cheap and not sooo good! 



Mornin' beauties! Soo sleepy today could spend the whole day lying in my bed next to my beloved. Anyways. Today is a wonderful day - the sun is shining and no rain and tomorrow is friday, btw. Yeeehh! Today I'm wearing my new plaid blouse from BCN. Adorable soft fabric and shape. Black denim, boots and  my favourit coat. Hope you guys are also having a wonderful day! 



Finally got it! Saw this fluffy knit-jacket at MNG weeks ago and felt so in love. And now it´s mine. Bought it in Large and it has the perfect chunky-ness. Love to wear it with slim denim and booties. I´ll show you a better photo tomorrow. Now meeting lovely Sandra for some girl talk and coffee. 



Bought black suede shoes, AGAIN! Nearly 70% of my shoes/boots/pumps are black & suede leather. I can't handle myself when it comes to that! But this time it was really worth. Love my booties... 



photos via style.com/vogue.fr

Spring 2013 hasn´t started yet, but we already know what the designers are preparing for Autumn 2013. Anyway thought that this preview is more special than any other before. The clothes are getting more casual and relaxed. Even blazers and suits looks comfy and cool like these one from 3.1 Phillip Lim - awesome shape and details. Also love earth & natural tones combined with a hint of metalic. Or like 3.1 Phillip Lim would do it with metalic + animal print (booties). Here are six of my favourits looks from Lim to Wang.


photo via google

Hello sweeties! Look what I´ve found in my photo archive ;) gorgeous Anja Rubik. Definitively Look of the Day, even if it´s an older one! Love how effortless and chic and the same way damn sexy she looks with denim and undone hair. And those peep-toe-booties!! What a babe!!!



photo via le 21ème
Erin Wasson & Jayne Min by Adam Katz Sinding

The last few years, since my Hip-Hop-R´n´B-Baggypant-time has passed by. I´ve never considered to put on a long chained silver necklace with an XXL pendant. But since I´ve recognized how good it looks with an simple oversized blouse + tank top underneath - like Erin put it on. Or like Jayne Min; Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace (for my opinion too chunky) with this adorable Asos tweet jumpsuit (now on sale) AND on top this lovely Prada Micro-Clutch, sawn at NYFW SS 2013. I really think about getting one for Spring 2013. 




Good Morning beautiful fellows! Wanna share my resolutions for 2013 with you, paired with some random photos of my archive. Also I used to have a quote for every year. Seems like this year everything will be about "limits" and "freedom". Love this one from Bruce Lee, very inspiring. " If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them" What do you think about that? Have you got an quote that follows you through your whole lifetime or that you admire. Feel free to share. Or have you guys any NY´s Resolutions?

Photos by google, tumblr, privat, Scotch & Soda campaign 



Photos by me

Some impressions of our trip to Barcelona.  We loved it. BCN we´ll be back, for sure!  


photo by me 

Happy New Year sweeties!! Hope everyone enjoyed new years eve. Finally 2012 is over! Now back in Austria! Unfortunately! Weather in BCN was too awesome, wouldn´t mind to spend the whole winter in Spain. Visiting all those delicious restaurants (more on that later),  strolling around through Gothic and lovely streets, meeting super bright people and enjoying the sun. Vienna seems so grey and cold like never before since I´m back. Anyways. Now preparing some homemade burritos with my beloved. Yummie!