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When I was a little girl we´ve lived a few years in Italy, during this time my sister and I used to wear mini hoops with neon colored pacifiers :D all the time. Especially my sister loved them, not just the earrings she also was an know pacifier-thief. ;) But after I´ve started with school I thought that mini hoops were not soo cool anymore. Now, 15 years later they are back again like they were never gone and I´ve never put them down! Looking fresh and cool like never before. Like to wear my tiny silver hoop just on my left ear, bought it 3 years ago and wear it since 24/7. Also love skinny bangles perfect for warm summer days combined with palazzo pants, top and birkis which I also used to wear a loot when I was a little girl, btw. And yes! Sandals also joined my "Upward-List" for 2013. Remember THAT shot by Corinne Day for The Face with gorgeous Kate Moos back in 1990? Kate looked perfect wearing nothing else than birkis and a white blouse. 

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