ANGORA Blend by H&M. It´s a little bit oversized to get an lay-down-look for this super fluffy thing. Paired with light-blue bootcut or boyfriend denim it gets an damn cool touch. Also like to wear it with my mustard leather jacket and black skinnies. Can´t get enough! Wanted to share this cute tiny earring that i´ve found at Claire´s the other day. Love.


Nomadic D. said...

Had my eye on this very same sweater just the other day! Does it shed like crazy?


fuzzyfindings said...

To me nothing accentuates the beauty of a woman better than a fuzzy sweater. Angora holds the promises of sensuality and warmth just like bare skin does. The symbiosis of soft wool and skin works perfectly on your neckline. Also the gentle light from the back makes this a beautiful photography. I would love to see more pictures if you ever feel like giving it another go. Thanks for posting these!