Nallik - is a word borrowed from the Inuit language. It can´t be translatet directly but means protection and nurturing in a loving way. Inuit people appreciate that we are all conncted to each other and our surroundings (ME TOO!). They respect their enviroment and know it contains everything we need to live. Nallik represent that sense of sustainability. Established in 2010 by Jean Balke is created from natural components like semiprecious natural stones, contrasted with metal.

Source: NALLIK


adi linden said...

This necklace is stunning!
I love your blog.
and space,too :)

I am following you,go!!!!

Emina said...

joj koliko ja želim ovakvu ogrlicu.. ima li gdje da se može naručiti da ima dostava za bosnu ali da nije puno skupa? ako znaš javi :D hvala na komentaru.